None of us like to be judged by looks. Especially if we're small and not particularly pretty. In a modern world we'd like to believe appearance doesn't matter. But sometimes it just does.

In the world of prawns, things can be even more unkind. We seafood eaters all seem to be so impressed with enormous fancy coloured, flamboyant crustaceans we sometimes miss the beauty right beneath us.

Unpretentious, and a little more homely than its showy relatives, the Queensland Endeavour Prawn has been voted the best tasting wild-caught prawn in Australia - proving one very important fact - beauty is not about apperances, it's a matter of taste.

Endeavour Prawns - Why so special?
Endeavour vs Imported Prawns

The Endeavour Prawns website is an initiative of the Queensland Seafood Marketers Association (QSMA).

The Federal Fisheries Research and Development Corporation is a significant contributer to the Endeavour Prawns Cairns Test Market Campaign. We thank them not only for the important funds, but also for some great images and information.

For any queries or comments on this website, please contact Queensland Seafood Marketers Association - and eat more prawns, they're good for you!

* The Endeavour Prawn won the industry taste-off against every commercially caught prawn in Australian waters at the National Australian Prawn Fisheries Conference in Adelaide in February 2007.

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