If you are participating in the Endeavour Prawn Cairns Test Market Campaign, please fill out the following on-line feedback form for Retailers and Restaurants or download a print version here.

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Please supply any further feedback you think will help us fine-tune this campaign.

Examples: comments received from customers, feedback from the general public, your opinion on the quality of the creative, suitability of messages etc.



The Endeavour Prawns website is an initiative of the Queensland Seafood Marketers Association (QSMA).

The Federal Fisheries Research and Development Corporation is a significant contributer to the Endeavour Prawns Cairns Test Market Campaign. We thank them not only for the important funds, but also for some great images and information.

For any queries or comments on this website, please contact Queensland Seafood Marketers Association by sending an email to: - and eat more prawns, they're good for you!


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